Basswood Venetian

Basswood, also known as Linden, is a hardwood which is common in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere. The timber used by the blind industry is generally supplied from North America where it is harvested in large quantities around the Great Lakes area.

Native Americans used parts of this tree to make rope, thread and fabric. The timber is relatively soft for a hardwood, has low strength properties but is light and has good dimensional stability. Being light in colour with no resins, it lends itself perfectly to accepting stains of various colours. Basswood’s grain structure is very fine, not as prominent as Western Red Cedar, this give the blind a more uniform, even appearance.

They are more scratch and dent resistant than cedar, which can be an advantage in a home with young children. These blinds never need repainting and their smooth rich surfaces are easily cleaned with a duster, or at worst a damp cloth with mild detergent.

A warm and inviting look

Our basswood blinds are constructed using the same components as our Cedar Blinds:

  • 50 x 65 mm metal head box (not plastic)
  • Quality polyester string ladder and lift cord
  • Solid metal cord lock – not plastic framed
  • Round edged bottom rail – not a rebated dust catcher
  • Our timber slats have a rich coating of two base coats and one top coat of UV cured paints. We do not skimp on this coating.
  • Slat width and thickness of 50x3mm
  • Or slat width and thickness of 63x3mm

Our Basswood blinds are a beautiful decoration for your house and a true VALUE in the field of window furnishings. They add a warm and inviting look to any decor, insulate your home and are available in four colours:

  • Cedar Dark
  • Light Oak
  • Vivid White
  • Chalk USA

Stained Oiled finishes (oiled finishes allow you to maintain the condition of the blind over the lifetime. Simply re-oil with cedar oil as desired)
Medium – Light Colour

Medium – Dark Colour Stained oiled finishes


Cedar Venetian

Western Red Cedar grows mainly in the wet areas of North West America where soils are rich and moisture laden air currents off the north pacific nourish their lush and fast re-growing forests.

Most cedar imported into this country originates in British Columbia, Canada. Western Red Cedar forests are predominantly well managed forests which provide a perpetual harvest. Cedar wood contains natural oils which help resist insect attack and decay. It is a dimensionally stable wood that ages gracefully and endures for many years.

In this age of energy concerns, the woods cellular structure give it an insulation value higher than most woods and much higher than brick or concrete. Cedar wood blinds help warm your house in winter and help keep it cool in summer.

Above all, cedar is a wood of exceptional beauty. No man made material can duplicate cedar’s natural lustre and tones which range from light amber to deep honey brown.

A sense of luxurious pleasure

Our Cedar Blinds are made of the following components:

  • 50 x 65 mm metal head box (Not Plastic)
  • Quality Polyester string ladder and lift cord
  • A rich coating of two base coats and one top coat of UV cured paints. This paint is designed to live in a harsh window environment – we use it generously
  • Solid metal cord lock – not plastic framed
  • Solid metal cord tilter gearbox – no cheap wands with plastic gearbox
  • Slat width and thickness of 46×3 mm
  • Or slat width and thickness of 60×4 mm

These blinds never need repainting and are easy to clean with a duster or damp cloth with mild detergent. Our Cedar Blinds will give a sense of luxurious pleasure and function for many years to come. They are available in five colours:

  • Medium – Light Colour
  • Medium – Dark Colour
  • Jarrah Colour (46mm & 60mm)
  • Red Gum Colour (46mm only )
  • Mist ( 46mm & 60mm)

Stained Oiled finishes (oiled finishes allow you to maintain the condition of the blind over the lifetime. Simply re-oil with cedar oil as desired)
Medium – Light Colour

Medium – Dark Colour Stained oiled finishes


Tassy Oak Venetians

Tasmanian oak is a premium Australian hardwood timber encompassing three species that grow in the mountainous areas of Tasmania. It is a versatile timber perfect for both construction and interior applications.  Our Tassie Oak Blind is an unique product from our factory.

Colours: Light, Natural and Dark

Slat Size: 46x3mm

Child Safe Cordless Venetians - By Norman's Australia


All Norman blinds are made to be enjoyed by everyone. Our products feature child-safe designs, utilise non-toxic materials and meet stringent international safety standards.


Experience a new level of performance, safety and flawless daily operation. Norman cordless blinds are ‘Best for Kids’ certified and comply with the latest ANSI/WCMA standards. Norman cordless blinds are more level when raised, won’t cause slat-related problems such as slat-shift, and build with proprietary technology to assure easy-pull adjustment.


Feel rest assured. All Norman window furnishings are free from lead and soluble heavy metals such as cadmium and arsenic.


Designed to protect young children, infants and pets from the risk of cord entanglements. The device not only consolidates all cords but deploys if something gets caught in them.


The Norman single cord lift elegantly consolidates all cords for easy operation, extra safety and streamlined appearance.


PVC & Modern Wood Venetians

PVC venetian blinds or shutters are the recommended option for wet areas such as bathrooms or if directly installed above kitchen sinks where steam may condense on them.

PVC blinds can of course also be installed in every other window of the house.

The spacing between ladders is slightly less than for timber blinds to allow extra support ladders to be fitted. As PVC becomes less rigid when very warm, this helps keep the slats straight in these conditions.

It is not recommended to install dark colour PVC blinds in windows exposed to the hottest sun in summer. Extreme heat inside the glass will cause distortion of slats and may damage these blinds.

Aluminium Venetian

Aluminium Venetian Blind allows excellent control of light, ventilation and privacy at an affordable price point.

Our high quality standards are prominent in the material used to manufacture our 25mm and 50mm Aluminium Venetians.

Total Window Concepts Aluminium slats, with a 0.21mm thickness are at 20% more than the industry standard.

With a baked enamel finish and flexibility to prevent damage, the TWC Aluminium Venetian Blind has strength and durability while keeping it light to operate and elegant in appearance.


Modern Wood Verticals

Our timber vertical are made in Modern Wood. Modern Wood is a Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) which are composite materials made of wood fibre/flour and thermoplastics. It gives a natural wood grain and texture, is fire retardant, UV stable, water resistant and are very easy to maintain.

Our vertical blinds can be made in various configurations, eg. controls left or right, louvres opening from left to right or right to left.

We supply our timber verticals in Light Oak, Walnut and Lime Wash colours with a louvre size of 89x4mm.


Modern Wood is not 100% real wood. It is a composite of wood fibres and plastics. Therefore, the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of plastic should be considered when ordering and after installing.

Consequently, small amounts of slat movement should be expected when the blind slats are in direct sunlight being exposed to prolonged heat. The slat will move towards the heat source. When the heat source subsides, and the area cools the slat will reposition back to the correct vertical position.